Friday, May 17th
    4-Let's go to the movies !
    The film was based on the book

                          adapted from the book.


    A lot of the best scenes were cut.
    The story has been changed too much, that's why he is disappointed.
    It's got M. King and S. Scott in it.


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    Friday 17th May

    They're a little surprised

              at the clichés.

              at what foreigners think about Australia.


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  • First : the rules

    Then, the actions!

    (with an excellent song by the Dropkick Murphys, an American group!)

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    Wednesday the 15 of May

    3 - What's your profile ?

    Do you know your personality profile ?

    Can you dance ? No I can't

    Do you like playing outside? -Yes, Ido.

    AuxS. BV.                            -No, I don't.



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  • Wednesday, May 15th

    The cliché is stupid because there are so few shark attacks.

    Helen has never seen sharks.

    Lu-Ling lives in Tasmania. She has never swum in the sea in winter because it's way too cold.

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