• At the chippy's


    How much will it be? It'll be $8.

                      is it?         It's $8.

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  • Thursday, February 14th

    3-Fighting gender stereotype


    They are said to brush their hair all the time.

    They are expected to be strong.

                                   not to cry.

    They are expected not to be able to work.

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  • Thursday, February 14th

    Today,it's Valentine's Day.



    Don't use your mobile at school

    Don't eat chewing gum in the classroom

    Be on time!

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  • 3-Fighting gender stereotypes

    They're supposed to like football

    They're expected to buy expensive things like bags & make-up.

    They're said to be stronger

    They're expected not to cry

                                not to get angry

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    They want girls to keep their self-confidence


    They want to change people's mind

    They want girls to feel strong

                      girls to like themselves

                      girls not to be ashamed of themselves.

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