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    Monday, May 7th


    Witnesses claim that they have seen the monster.

                                            Present perfect

    The 1st witness was St Columba, an Irish monk.

    He saw the monster in 300 A.D.


    Since then, people have seen it many times.


    The most famous photo was taken by a British surgeon.

    Actually, he had placed a toy in the water.

                        Past perfect

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    1) You're the One that I want - Olivia Newton Jones and John Travolta (1978)

    from the very famous musical Grease, starring Olivia Newton Jones and John Travolta.



    2) Another Brick in the wall - Pink Floyd (1979)

    This song was part of the rock opera The Wall and a film was later shot, including this video :



    3 ) Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! - ABBA (1979)


    BONUS : if you are really very brave : Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees (1977)

    The song was part of the soundtrack of the musical Saturday Night Fever , starring John Travolta again!


    Of course, I could have chosen Imagine, by John Lennon (1971), but we already know it so well...

    Or, in a harder style, Highway to Hell, by AC/DC!


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  • As you will see, it was an absolute nightmare for me to choose only 3 songs from the 1960s. Simply impossible! happy


    1) Blowin In The Wind - Bob Dylan (1962)


    2) Mrs Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel (1967. It was part of the soundtrack of the famous film The Graduate)

    3) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones (1965)

    4) The House of the Rising Sun - Traditional American folk song, here sung by The Animals (1964)


    BONUS : My Generation - The Who (1965) (very interesting images of London / Great Britain in the 1960s.)


    All along the WatchTower - Jimmy Hendrix (1967) - Written by Bob Dylan


    If you want to here more hits from the 60s, follow the link.

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