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     Cinemas, fountains used to be segragated.


    There used to be 2 seperate doors.


    The blacks and the whites used to live separately.


    The blacks didn't use to drink from the same fountains as the whites.


    The blacks couldn't drink from the same fountains as the whites



    The blacks were forbidden to drink from the same fountains as the whites.



    Black children had to go to a colored-only school.



    White people weren't allowed to go to the zoo with colored people.

                          NO PERMISSION


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    Mr B. is trying to find his raincoat.

    They're going to England that's why they're happy.



    Where are you going?

    What    's          going on here?

    Why     are you packing?


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    1) I want to break free - Queen (1984)

    2) Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper (1983)


    3) Billie Jean - Mickael Jackson

    The 1980s were the golden era of video clips, and Mickael Jackson was nicknamed "the king of Pop", probably also for his stunning clips (you can watch Thriller!)


    4) Wake me up before you go go - Wham! (1984)

    5) Like a Virgin - Madonna (1984)

    BONUS : I'm gonna be (500 miles) - The Proclaimers (1988)

    because I can never get tired of listening to their Scottish accent!

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    Monday (the ) 4th (of) June


    A - What's going on ?

    Lily is doing something important : she is texting her friends

    they are going upstairs

    Alex is chatting on the Internet

    Mrs B. is coming back home.

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