Thursday,May 24th


    In your kitchen, is there a fridge ? Yes there is

                                                                No,there isn't.

    In your living room, are there shelves ? Yes, there are.

                                                                          No,there aren't.

    How many chairs are there? There are 6 chairs.

                     + plur.

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    Wednesday, May 23rd

    8:05 : It's five past eight



    In your kitchen, is there a fridge ? Yes there is .

                                                          No , there isn't


    In your kitchen , are there shelves ?

    Yes ,there are .

    No , there aren't


    In your bedroom , how many chairs are there ?There is 1.



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    Tuesday, May 22nd


    3-your new home

    there isn't a desk in the classroom.


    there aren't shelves in the English classroom.

                         + plur.

    There aren't 2 stickers

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    Friday ,May 18th

    Saturday ,May 19th


    There are 2 gardens.

    There is an office.

    There is a kitchen


    3. Your new house

    There aren't shelves in the classroom

    There isn't a bed in the classroom

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    Guinevere was Arthur's wife.

    She didn't have any children.

    She didn't love Arthur.

    She had a love story with Sir Lancelot.

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