1 - Get Ready .

    I can see a family: the father,the mother and maybe the twins .

    Oliver is 11 years old.

        Aux. BE

    He lives in Liverpool.

          BV = base verbale

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    UNIT 1 lesson 2

    Story Time : A New Start

    Friday, November (the) 16th

    Today , it's cold and foggy.

    I can see a family= the father, the mother and maybe the twins.

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    Audio-Tour / part 2



    Toronto has the biggest population in Canada , but it's not the capital .


    The CN Tower is the tallest building in Canada and the most famous building .




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    Mini Task : Find your twin!

    Elizabeth is my twin.

    She 's


    Nowfel is my twin.

    He 's 


    We are twins.

    We 're twins.

    1e pers.



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    Wednesday November 14th

    Today it's cloudy and chilly.


    Final Task : Find my Twin

    Romuald is my twin.

    He is my twin.


    Zoé is my twin.

    She is my twihn.


    We are twins. We're Irish.

    1e pers.


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