U4, lesson 1 : Discover a British House

    1 – Wallace and Gromit's living room


    How many dogs are there?

    There is 1 dog


    How many chairs are there

    There aren't any chairs.

  • Bravo à tous les élèves pour ce travail qu'ils ont commencé il y a longtemps!

    Le résultat est très réussi!


    Super héros de la classe de 6eA-B


    Super héros de la classe de 6eF


    Friday 14th July


    The text is a list of must-have skills = skills that you must have.


    To win you need to have a team spirit, to be good at making friends.


    To win, you need to know how to hunt and fish and eat worms.



    Friday 14th June


    There is a red chair.


    There isn't a blue chair.


    There are flowers on the fridge.


    There aren't clothes on the floor.


  • Wednesday 12 June

    4- Pairwork


    Is there a lamp in your bedroom?


    yes, there is.

    No, there isn't.


    Are there flowers in your kitchen?

    Yes, there are.

    No, there aren't.

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