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    Mercredi 16 Janvier 2019 à 11:40
    Mrs N.

    Hello everyone! I'd really love to visit the Province of Quebec.


    What is more interesting : Quebec or Montreal?

    Did you visit another place?

    What did you do and see?


    Thanks a lot for your tips!

    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:44

    I went Quebec with my friend, in 3 months ago.

    I saw polar bear, I saw the sights, I did escalade, I visited museum, I had drunk maple syrup.

    I crazy about Quebec, the temperature it was -3°C.

    The landscape in Quebec was it's very very fantastic.

    It was best trip of my holiday.

    It was amazing experience of my life.Quebec was unforgettable.

    I played with wild animals.And I don't like food in Quebec.



                                                       THE ENDyes

    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:51

    I travel in Ottawa in Canada 2 week. I caught side off the polar bear. The musseum of Ottawa is better than the musseum of Lyon. The food of Ottawa is particulary and is very goodtongue. My friends and my skied with the wolf. I did ice hockey with my friends on frozen lakecool My hotel had the view of the snowy mountainsoh. I went down big sled slopes but my friends were too scared to do it glassesthis was the best trip of my life however I did a lotmoneyMy fiends and my are very happy of this travelintello    zaim

    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:51

    Hi ! My name is Mathis

    I went to Quebec with my friend Maxence, three years ago in Winter.

    I visited the old Quebec, the castle of Frontenac,  it was impressive and I visited Montreal, I  met the hockey's team after the match, I spoke with them, they were fiendly!!

    It was awesome!!!

    For me Montreal was more interesting than the old  Quebec.

    I ate poutine , it was cheese, chips and meat sauce, it was surprising but delicious!!

    The canadian people were fantastic!!

    I did ice canoeing on the partially frozen St laurence River!!

    It was freezing cold beurk but the landscapes were incredible: forests were immense and I saw wild caribou!!! it was unbelievable!

    I skied on the fresh powder snow with a nice guide in the moutains of Quebec!! It was amazing because I a huge ski fan!!!happy

    The landscapes were larger in Quebec than in France!

    In Quebec, the weather was far colder than Miribel!!

    This trip was my best experience of my life with a lot of  discoveries, adventure and joy!!!

    Good bye!!!





    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:51

    Quebec is more interesting than Montreal because is beatiful and spectaculary.

    yes i'm visiting another place in Quebec but i dosn't visiting another place in Montreal. I did a shop, skiing and I see mountains, lac, an animals, aigle. skiing, see a lac and mountains is spectaculary.

    Quebec is fantastic

    Umit Gokalp






    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:52

    I went to Quebec 3 years ago for 2 weeks with my best friend.

    For the first week I went to Montreal. For the breakfast I ate pancakes with maple syrup on them it's the most delicious meal in Canada. For the lunch I ate the Poutine it was delightful. I visited the Plateau Mont-Royal it prettier than Hollywood. It was sunny but very cold 2 degres celcius.

    For the second week I went to Quebec the city. I walked in moutnains, I caught sight of a moose it apeared tall. The landscape was unforgettable and unique. I saw a ice hockey match it was Canada vs Russie and Canada won so Russie isn't as strong as Canada

    I think Canada is a amazing trip.                                                        Rémi

    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:52

    I more interesting than Montréal in Quebec.

    Yes, I and my best friend, Kally, we visited Zoo Ecomuseum.

    We saw beavers and color fish in aquarium. We did paddle mac, rode horses ( my horse name is Cupcake ) and swimming pool.

    We met Laddy Gaga and Céline Dion.

    We slept at friends home.

    We ate beakfast is pancakes and mepple syrup. we ate at noon is César salade.

    The weather was like is sunny and hot !!!

    We felt very wondeful !!!!happy 

    We Love Monréal !biggrinhappy



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