• Nunavut

    Mercredi 16 Janvier 2019 à 11:38
    Mrs N.

    Hello everyone! I'd really love to visit Nunavut.

    My dream is to see a polar bear...

    What is more interesting : polar bears or Northern Lights?

    Did you visit another place?

    What did you do and see?


    Thanks a lot for your tips!

    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:48

    Hey ! My name is Chloé and I went to nunavut 2 years ago. I went in front of nunavut and in the capital : Iqualit. I tried heli-ski : i was scared of the height ! I visited Auyuittuq National Park. He is better than Miribel Park in France !

    I met inuits : they are welcoming and friendly. The weather were freezing cold, colder than is France. I'm not used to the climat ( i hate cold !) winktongue

    I saw unicorns of the sea ... It was awesome, impressive and i was slack-jawed  ! I saw too, northerns lights : it was fantastic, unique and spectacular.sarcastic  I take beautiful pictures. Northerns lights are more amazing and awesome than sky in france. I think northerns lights is more interesting than polar bears cool

    My trip were exhilarating, unforgettable and incredible. I think is the BEST of my life !!

    Bye ! wink2

    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:48


    I went in Iqaluit in Nunavut 2 years ago with my best friends. Nunavut is the northernmost inhabited place in the word.

    The weather was batween -2.2° fahrenheit degrees and -13° degrees fahrenheit so it was more freezing cold than Miribel.

    I saw Inuit hunting and fishing, it was wonderful to see. I treid to do like them. But I did not suceed because it was very hard.

    I ate poutine and it was so deliciouswinktongue, I recommend it then I went in Pond Inlet to see narwhals, we waited 1 hourzzz but we never saw them. I was very sad and very disappointed.cry

    I think Nunavut is more exciting than Miribel.

    I think that Iqaluit is worth seeing.happycool


    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:49
    Lieutenant Bobby


    We went in Nunavut with my friend Mathis 2 years ago.

    It was fantastic and in habitants of Nunavut were very nice. happy

    In our trip we tried ice hockey and heliski : it was more amazing than everywhere ! cool

    And we explored the national parc of Sirmilik the best moment in my life, it was more unbelievable than parc in Quebec or British Columbia !

    During our trip we met inuits who showed seals, polar bears and penguins and we had the lucky to saw a whale !

    In our trip, we ate maple syrup :  it's more better than french fries !! moneymoneymoney

    And the weather were amazing : it was sunny everiday BUT IT WAS FREEZING COLD !!!!! cry

    And the landscape were beautiful : we saw the snow everiwhere !

    For answer at your question : polar bears is more interesting than Nother Lights cool


    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:50


        I  went to Nunavut with my best friend.

    Northen  lights are more interesting than polar bears .

        We visited Iqaluit in Nunavut .

        We  walked aroud to parc national Auyuittuq , to mont thor and to Calotte glaciaire Penny .

    In Nunavut we see a polar bears and northen lights and snow dog .

    It was really beautiful .cool

    We eat Rice krispies and fish .

    He was doing 11°C

    We met inuit and guide .

    It was so good .

    Nunavut is more interesting than Lyon .

    In Nunavut we see nothen lights but not in France .

    Nunavut is much colder than Lyon .



    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:52


    I went to Nunavut with my brother when 2 months ago and we visited the Iqualit the capital.

    it's was freezing cold (-10°F)it's more freezing cold in Nunavut than Paris.

    We ate a delicious Poutine in Iqualit.

    We did a boat ride and we saw e saw a big polars bear, a beautiful landscape and a saw some narwhals and we did a ski in the mountains.wink2
    and the sky is beautiful.

    my trip is very incredible and it's my best experience of my life good bye ^^!!

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