• Choose your favourite song from the 60s

    As you will see, it was an absolute nightmare for me to choose only 3 songs from the 1960s. Simply impossible! happy


    1) Blowin In The Wind - Bob Dylan (1962)


    2) Mrs Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel (1967. It was part of the soundtrack of the famous film The Graduate)

    3) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones (1965)

    4) The House of the Rising Sun - Traditional American folk song, here sung by The Animals (1964)


    BONUS : My Generation - The Who (1965) (very interesting images of London / Great Britain in the 1960s.)


    All along the WatchTower - Jimmy Hendrix (1967) - Written by Bob Dylan


    If you want to here more hits from the 60s, follow the link.

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