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    Mercredi 16 Janvier 2019 à 11:37
    Mrs N.

    Hello everyone! I'd really love to visit British Columbia.

    Did you go to Vancouver?

    What is more interesting : city or mountain?

    Did you visit another place?

    What did you do and see?


    Thanks a lot for your tips!

    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:50

    We didn't go to Vancouver. We went go to British Columbia for one week with my best friend three months ago.It was magnificent but he was doing the colder in British Columbia than in France.

    The city is more interresting than mountain. We visited the Butchart Gardeen it was huge, splendid and peaceful there was a lot of trees and flowers.We went go to the largest aquarium marine from Canada.


    We saw a killer whales, grizzly bears,white headed eagle and beautiful landscape.

    We had met Jone a tourist guide he had  twenty-three years old he was welcoming. We had met Anna a Igloofest musician she had twenty-eight years old she was happy and passionate for her job.

    We ate fresh or smoked salmon, sushies and sandwiches smoked meat with pickles anet on the rye bread

     Toughout we felt soothed,relaxed the peoples in British Columbia was more generous and warm than France.





    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:51
    ilan 00

     I left in British Colombia because  my friend lived 5 years ago.

    It's more fantastic  than Paris. There are of the biggest montain, the animals as fantastic as animals in French .

    The polar bear is dangerous , i said a polar bear he was little .

    I was heliski  with my friend but he had soso regular ski .




    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:52
    Charlotte P

    I spent june 2014 in Canada. My best friend and I went to British Columbia 5 years ago.It was freezing cold cry but sunny so we made an excurtion. We went whales and orcas watching in the waters of Victoria. We caught sight of  orcas and whales. We saw 3 whales and 4 orcas. The staffed by naturalists (who provide insight on the marine wildlife ) show an baby whale who wasn't as big as his mom. It was so cute !!! It was the best moment of my life !!! We were slack-jawed !!! Whales were bigger than orcas.

    After we went in Vancouver, here we sleep in a hotel and we ate pancakes with maple syrup. Yummy !!! It was delicious !!!

    We went hilking in the mountain the scenery was breath taking.We enjoyed the view. It was breath taking !!!

    If you want to spent your holidays in Canada I recomended you to go in British Columbia.

    Bye !!!smile

    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:52


    I visite British Columbia 2 years ago with my parents .

    We went to Victoria , it's capitol of British Columbia ,we visite Vancouver ,it's the wonderful city and Whistles .

    We did kayak in ocean and in rapids .We skiing in Whistles and we visiting Thompsom Okanagan ,it was beatiful landscapes .

    We met Celine Dion it's was Wonderful !cool

    We ate a surf and turf ,it was  mixte of meat and seafood ,a maple sirup

    , a cheescake , maple sirup is more delicieus than cheescake^^ and meat pie , it's a speciality of chistmas .

    We saw orc ,whales and seals .

    It was sunny but very cold and it was snowy in Whistles .

    About this trip we are slack jaw about landscapes and the kayak and ski it was very awesome .





    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:53

    I went to Vancouver in British Culumbia in Canada 2 years ago with my best friends Manon she is 13 years old like me !

    For my travel I met Pamela Anderson because she live in Canada.

    In Vancouver it's very freezing (minus 15 degres ) and it's snowy and sunny. The weather like in Canada was more cold than the weather like in France.In my travel I can't bear the snow in my shoes !

    I ate maple syrup in the igloo it was fantastic, I like it, and I ate in restaurant with the speciality of Canada.

    For my travel I went to vancouver for the shopping. The shopping in Canda is more exciting than the shopping in france or in England.

    For my travel I went to skiiing in the snowy fir, the landscape was incredible and beautiful ! In the sea I saw whales it's was very impressive because whales were very big, after I saw totems poles and canadians rockies, I was slack jawed with this beautiful landscape!

    For my last day in Canada, in British Columbia I went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. I was breath tacking with this place because it was incredible.

    I was fall head over heels in love with the Canada !


    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:53

    Hello I'm Eliott

    I'm not going to Vancouver but I leave to British Columbia for the winter holiday with my freinds.

    I think mountains are more interesting than city because we can't skiing in the city and I want do this, in the mountains I see one polar bear and this expirence is very unique !!

    One week ago I visited a lake : his name is "La Hache". It's a very funny lake because the water was freeze and we played ice hockey.

    We see one polar bear, huge lake and mountains, we met a heliski guide and we tried heliski but it is very dangerous.

    I spent with my freinds a very good holiday and i think I was came back for the last holiday

    Lundi 28 Janvier 2019 à 09:55

    I went to British Columbia with my friend for the holidays 1 month ago.

    During my holidays, I skied in powder snow, I saw the sights museums. The 2nd day, I did climbing outdoor and I went to a maple syrup workshop. I bathed in the natural hot baths too, It was fantastic.

    The first three days, I went in a host family with my friend. We could discover their cultures and their way of life. They was super welcoming and very nice.It was incredible.

    At the end of the week, I saw foxes, royal eagles, polar bear and mooses from a little cabin in the beautiful mountains. I could enjoy tje wonderful view and animals. I was slack-jawed.

    The weather in British Columbia wasn't great. There was a sun pnly the first days but after the weather was low. There was -1 C.

    For me It was an unforgettable trip. I fall head over heels in love withe the Canadians landscapes. It's the best trip of my life.

    By the way the first day there was a huge snowstorm.


    Alix Coupas

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