Tuesday,March 6th


    U3,l1 : Discover a legendary family


    1- A strange family

    The document is Dracula's family tree.

    Vlad is his father


    Denis is her son.



    Dennis is     their       son.

           Mavis and Jonathan's




    Monday March 25th

    In Dehli, In.; it's cloudy and it's 81°F=27°C! It's the capital.



    Whose boots are they ? They're Puss-in-Boots's boots.

  • Friday, march 22 nd


    In Dawson Creek, Canada, it's cold and it's nighttime.


    4- Whose..... ?


    Whose pencil-case is it ?

    It's Djedjiga's pencil-case.


    It's Younes's rubber.


    Whose pens are they? They're Ayoub's pens.

                      z                                        z

  • Tuesday 19th March

    George is in William 's arms.


    Camilla is Prince Charles 's second wife.


    she isn 't William and Harry's mother,


    she is the 2 brothers' stepmother.


  • Monday 18th March


    2 - Queen Elizabeth's family

    The conversation is about the Royal Family.


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