Monday (the) 29th(of) april

    U3,l2:Story Time:

    A mysterious family

    1 - My favourite activities

    My favourite activity is playing videogames.


    My least favourite activity is dancing.

  •  Monday (the) 8th (of) April

    Vlad has got a problem : he lost his phone.

    Dennis can't find his teddy bear.


    Is it a human ? No,it isn't.

    Is she tall ?  yes, she is.

    Has she got long hair ? yes,she has.

    Aux. S                                 S .    Aux.



    Friday April the 5th

    In London it s cloudy and it s 7

    His eyes are big and blue

    he' s got big yellow eyes


    3 - Trouble at the hotel

    The document is a conversation between Vlad and Linda.

    Vlad has got a problem :

  • Wednesday, April (the) 3rd


    Franck has got a big smile.


    he has got 2 larg feet.

    His feet are large.


    His hair is curly and red





    2 - A family portrait.


    She is not very all and slim.

    She's got a small nose and big blue eyes.

                        Adj. AVANT le nom


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