Wednesday the 15 of May

    3 - What's your profile ?

    Do you know your personality profile ?

    Can you dance ? No I can't

    Do you like playing outside? -Yes, Ido.

    AuxS. BV.                            -No, I don't.




    Tuesday the 7th of May


    Granddad Wulver prefers eating.

    He doesn't like cooking.

    Uncle Mike loves listening to music.

               3e pers. du sing.


    He can charm animals with music.



    2 - the episode

    I can see Amelia, Oliver, Tim and Sophia.

    they're in a bedroom.

    Maybe , Amelia has family photos.

  • Friday (the) 3rd (of) May

    I don't like playing outside.

    I don't mind surfing the web.

    Aux. DO


  • Tuesday (the) 30th (of) April


    I love riding a bike.


    I like climbing trees but I don't like playing the violin.

    Vb goût + bv-ing


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