U4, lesson 1 : Discover a British House

    1 – Wallace and Gromit's living room


    How many dogs are there?

    There is 1 dog


    How many chairs are there

    There aren't any chairs.

  • Wednesday 12 June

    4- Pairwork


    Is there a lamp in your bedroom?


    yes, there is.

    No, there isn't.


    Are there flowers in your kitchen?

    Yes, there are.

    No, there aren't.


    3 - Your new home

    There is 1 red fridge.

    There are 5 painting on the wall


    " il y a"


    Wednesday (the) 29th (of) May


    1-Jazzy's gigantic house.


    In the house,there is a living room.


    There are 3 bedrooms.


    Friday (the) 24th (of) May



    Can you ride a horse?

                        Yes, I can.

                        No,I can't.


    Do you like playing football ?

                       Yes, I do.

                       No, I don't.


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