Wednesday, May 23rd

    8:05 : It's five past eight



    In your kitchen, is there a fridge ? Yes there is .

                                                          No , there isn't


    In your kitchen , are there shelves ?

    Yes ,there are .

    No , there aren't


    In your bedroom , how many chairs are there ?There is 1.



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    Friday ,May 18th

    Saturday ,May 19th


    There are 2 gardens.

    There is an office.

    There is a kitchen


    3. Your new house

    There aren't shelves in the classroom

    There isn't a bed in the classroom

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    UNIT 4 : Welcome to my House!


    Wednesday, May 16th


    1 - Jazzy's gigantic house


    In Jazzy 's gigantic house,

    there is a living room.

                 + sing.

    there are stairs.

    there are 3 bedrooms.

                  + plur.

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    Wednesday, May 9th


    8:05 : it's five past eight.


    Willy Wonka is evil :he is a villain.


    He has got a big chocolate factory .


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    Friday, May 4

    4- What's your profile?


    Can you climb? Yes, I can

    Do you like dancing ? No, I don't

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