Wednesday, April 4th

    Is it a monster? Yes,it is.

                               No; it isn't.

    Is he tall? Yes,he is.

                    No, he isn't.

    Has he got a tie ? Yes,he has.

                                  No,he hasn't.

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    Tuesday, March the 27 th

    2 - a family portrait

    the document is a physical description.

    She has got big blue eyes.

                 Adj. AVANT le nom

    He has got large feet.

                Adj. invariable

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    Thursday, March the 22nd


    lesson 1 : Discover a legendary family


    1 – A strange family

    The document is Dracula's family tree.
    Vlad is his father. Mavis is his daughter.

          Pour un garçon

    Denis is her son.

           Pour une fille

    Denis is their son.



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    Wednesday, March the 21st

    4 - Pairwork / mini task

    Whose shirt is it ? It's Woody's shirt.


    Whose glasses are they? They're H. Potter's glasses.


    They're Puss-in-Boots's boots.





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    Thursday, March 15 th


    Whose jacket is it ? It's Anas's jacket.

    Whose scissors are they? They are Alyssa's scissors.


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