Friday, December (the) 14th

    Today, it's freezing cold and it's night -time.


    they 've got a chrismas tree and a star but they haven't got chocolate.

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    Thursday, December (the) 13th

    Today it's cloudy and freezing cold.


    I've got my calculator.

    I haven't got my book.


    She has got a glue stick and felt pens

            's got

    but she hasn't got Ø scissors


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    1- In class

    I can see a pupil.

    In England, pupils have got uniforms.

    In France, we haven't got uniforms.

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    Friday,November (the) 23rd

    Today,it s cloudy and cold.

    you are not funny. = You aren't funny.

    I am not 60. = I'm not 60.


    Maybe Morph is magical.

    They're ready for the new school.


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    Thursday, November (the) 22nd

    Today; it's cold and party cloudy.


    They are twins.

    They live in Liverpool.

    3e pers. plur.


    Oliver is sporty and very creative.He isn't funny.

                                                      forme négative

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