• Thursday, February 14th

    Today,it's Valentine's Day.



    Don't use your mobile at school

    Don't eat chewing gum in the classroom

    Be on time!

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    Tuesday,February (the) 12th

    In London, UK, it's 32°F= 0°C ! and it's cloudy.


    3 – Sophia's message

    The document is a message from Sophia to Ollie and Millie.

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  • Thursday, February 7th


    Close your eyes, take my hand and don't panic !

    BV                        BV


    Don't worry !

    Don't + BV


    Go home !


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  • Tuesday,February 5Th


    In London,UK,it's cloudy and it's 44°F= 7°C

    In Iowa, it's was -30°F= -34°c



    The teatcher is angry because Simon and Blake are mean.


    In the drama hall, they can't touch the costumes.

    At luchtime, they can play hockey.

                                      do sports

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    Friday, February (the) 1st

    2- The Episode


    Oliver and Amelia have got magic powers,

    The document is a video,

    They are at school,

    It's lunchtime on Thursday, Sept, 8 th.

                                + jour


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