• Friday, September 21st


    Today,it's sunny and it's hot.

    5 - My schoolthings



    Have you got a yellow pencil ? Yes, I have.

                                                      No ,I haven't.

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    Thursday (the) 6th (of) September


    1 – Greetings

    -Good morning!                 -Good bye!

    -Good afternoon!                           ai

    -Good evening!                 -Good night!

                i:                                       ai

    -Hello! / Hi!




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    2 - A perfect lunchbox

    Josh is preparing his lunchbox.

    The document is a conversation between Josh and his father about his lunchbox.

    Josh has got some sweets but he hasn't got any fruit or vegetables.

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    Tuesday, June the 11th

    what's she doing ?

    what are you doing?


    she having a shower. =

    She's washing.


    The twins are eating, they aren't playing football.

                                            aux. + négation


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    Friday,June the 8th

    The mother is sad because Crazy is eating her shoes.


    Karen is having a shower.

              BE     -ing


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