• Wednesday 11th March

    Charle is Ø George's grandfather


    Camilla is Ø William and Harry's stepmother


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  • Tuesday 10th March


    1 - A famous family


    The document is the royal family tree.

    I'm William's wife .


    Charles is the Queen's son .


    Charlotte is Prince Charles's granddaughter.



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  • 4 - Sophia's message


    the document is a message to O and A from sophias

    Listen to your teatchers!

    Don't run in the corridor!

    Don't be scared!

    Don't worry!

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  • 3 - Recap the School Rules


    In the playground, we can run but in the classroom, we can't run.

    At school,you can read comics.

    Can you use your mobile at school. No?I can't.

     Can you talk with your friends in the playground? Yes, I can.

    Aux   S   BV

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  • Thay can't go out because the door is locked .


    Sophia and tim cant 't tell the secret.


    Take my head!

    Don't panic!


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