Tuesday,March 27th

    In London, it's raining and it's chilly.


    B-World Dances Club
    Lily went to the World Dances Club with Justin.
    Binta showed African dances and she sang traditional Congolese songs


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    Monday, March 26th

    In Victoria, Ca, it's 6°C and it's raining.

    She was suprised and impressed because there

                          aizd                      st

    were 50 pupils and there was only 1 teacher.


    This morning, stupid pupils laughed


    so Patrick blushed.



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    Wednesday, March 21st.


    In San Francisco, CA, it's cool and it's raining. There is the Golden Gate bridge


    A new pupil arrived in class this morning.


    Her family arrived in Largo last week.


    She visited the school this morning.


    She liked it.


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    WS2, Take 1 : New Friends at school


     Wednesday,the 7th of March

    In San Diego, it's night time .


    A – New Pupils

    There are 2 new pupils : Binta and Patrick.


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    Tuesday (the) 27th (of) February

    In Glasgow, it's 0°c and it's cloudy.


               WH-           AUX S   BV Comp.

    When and where was she        born?

    When and where did she die?            She died at the age of 36.

                           DO + prétérit


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