Wednesday,13th December

    I'm crazy about singing.


    I'm fond of singing.


    I don't like going shopping very much.

    I can't stand going shopping.


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    Lily likes        walking.

          is fond of  walking

          vb goût      BV-ing


    She enjoys    playing with       dogs.


          vb goût     BV-ing             pronom



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  • Wednesday, December 6th

    Mr Robinson is Lily's P.E. teacher .

    Maggie is Mr Robinson's dog .

    He needs a dogwalker every Wednesday and Friday afternoon .

    She can't walk Maggie because she's got her homework .

    Lily can do her homework after the walk .


    She is crazy about dogs = she loves

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    Tuesday, 5 december




    He gets poket money : $6 an hour.


    Mrs Brown is off to work.


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    Monday,December the 4th

    WS 1,T2:Hobbies and activities

     A - Who's Maggie?

    I can see a boy with a lot of dogs.


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