2 – Rose

    Rose is Tom's twin.


    Wh-         aux.  S.              BV .    Comp.

    What        's    your name?

    How old  are     you?


    Where      do     you         live?


    Where   were     you                   born?


                   Do      you        go        to a musical theatre school?


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    He goes to a musical theatre school.

    3e pers. Sing.


    I'm crazy about playing football.

    I'm fond of playing the piano.

    I enjoy listening to music.

    I can't bear singing.

    I can't stand dancing.

       don't like

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    Wednesday (the) 10th (of) October

    Lesson 2 : Who's who?


    1 - Tom

    His name is Tom (Tom is short for Thomas).

    he was born on the 22th of March in Leeds and he lives in London.

    He is 23 years old.    AGE : BE!!!

    He enjoys presents.

    He is crazy about listening to rock music.




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    Friday (the) 5th (of) October

    He wants to get up because he has a test.


    His mother says he isn't going to school.

                                 BE + nég. -ing


    Jeannie is mad because she knows

    Ferris is faking sick.

              BE -ing


    You're letting him stay home!

          BE -ing

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  • Wednesday, October the 3rd


    What's the matter ?

    What's wrong ?

    Ferris has a stomach ache but he doesn't have a fever so his mother is worried.

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