Friday , December the 7th

    in Glasgow,it's cold and windy .


    I was late on my 1st day of school , 3 months ago .

    My bus was very late , I was with Antoine .

    Mrs T. brought us to the classroom.

    I was embarrased .


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    Friday, November the 30th

    In Cork, Ireland, it's sunny and it's 41°F = 5°C.


    They went to the igloofest 6 years ago.

    Canada is fantastic, amazing...

    the tourists fell head over heels in love with the landscapes.


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    2 - Cold outside


    He lived in Toronto for 1 year when he was 16

                                      + durée

    = He spent a year living in Toronto .


    The son | caught sight of | polar bears 3 years ago.

                  |         saw          |

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    Audio-Tour / part 2



    Toronto has the biggest population in Canada , but it's not the capital .


    The CN Tower is the tallest building in Canada and the most famous building .




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    2 – Rose

    Rose is Tom's twin.


    Wh-         aux.  S.              BV .    Comp.

    What        's    your name?

    How old  are     you?


    Where      do     you         live?


    Where   were     you                   born?


                   Do      you        go        to a musical theatre school?


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