Have you ever taken a plane? yes, I have. / No, I haven't.


    Would you like to do it again? Yes, I would. / No, I wouldn't.

                                 try it?

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    She'd like to

            would like to drive abumper car again.



    She wouldn't like to touch a worm or a snake again.



    Would you like to ... again ?



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    3 - How adventours are you?


    She has already driven a bumper-car.

    She's already been zip lining.

    She's never driven a jet ski.

    Have you ever touched a worm? Yes, I have. / No, I haven't.

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    2-Reality or clichés?


     There aren't any koalas ins Tasmania.

     There are very few koalas in the Northern Territory.


    I've never seen a koala round here.

    He has never seen a koala round here.


    He's never been to the sea.

       Present perfect


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  • Monday 15 May


    1-Get Ready


    All Australians...

    Some Australians...

              + plur.

    In my opinion,picture 5 is totally wrong because kangaroos and koalas

    are not everywhere.


    -In my opinion, ….’s absolutely right.


    -I think …..’s totally wrong


    -I agree with you/this/ ….


    -I totally disagree with this


    because ….



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