• Monday 16th September

    Wh-    aux.   S.     BV.        Comp.

               Do    you    enjoy ..... ?

    What   are    you             crazy about ?

    What   don't   you  like ?

                Are    you              keen on...?

  • Friday 13th september


    He enjoys presents.

    He is crazy about badminton.

    He is fond of acting.

    He is mad about listening to rock music.

    He is keen on dancing and singing.

    He goes to a musical theatre school.

    We don't know what he doesn't like.

  • Thursday 12th September


    U1:Welcome Back

    l1:Who's Who?



    His name is Thomas.

    Tom is short for Thomas.

    He is 23 (years old).

    AGE : BE

    He was born in Leeds on the 22nd of March.

    He lives in London.



    Friday 14th July


    The text is a list of must-have skills = skills that you must have.


    To win you need to have a team spirit, to be good at making friends.


    To win, you need to know how to hunt and fish and eat worms.



    2 - What makes a good survivor

    To win, the last candidate needs to be tactical and bossy.

    To win, they mustn't be shy and prudent.

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