Cinemas, fountains used to be segragated.


    There used to be 2 seperate doors.


    The blacks and the whites used to live separately.


    The blacks didn't use to drink from the same fountains as the whites.


    The blacks couldn't drink from the same fountains as the whites



    The blacks were forbidden to drink from the same fountains as the whites.



    Black children had to go to a colored-only school.



    White people weren't allowed to go to the zoo with colored people.

                          NO PERMISSION


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    2- sightings and testimonies


    the documents are testimonies :

    witnesses claim they've seen Nessie

    Mr and Mrs Spicer were driving when they saw the monster.

    Nessie was crossing the road, then it disappeared into the bushes.

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    Monday, May 14th



    Have you already spent the night in a haunted castle ?

    Yes, I have.


    Have you already been kayaking on Loch Ness ?

    No, I haven't yet.


    They've already visited Alloway Auld Kirk to see witches.

    They haven't hiked at Faerie Glen yet.

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    Wednesday, May 2nd




    Many people, over the years, have seen Nessie.


    Some people have even taken photographs of this monster.


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    Wednesday, April 25th

    U5 : The Loch Ness Monster


     B – a myth ?

    The lake is situated in the North of Scotland.




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