Tuesday 21st November


    3-#Like a girl




    The document is an audition.


    A woman asks the actors to do things like a girl.


    People think every girl is silly when she runs.


    Girls are said to run in a silly way. = people say that ....


    Girls are said to throw in a weak way.




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    Wednesday, November (the) 8th


    Malala is a Pakistani activist,

    she fights for the girls' right to education .

    The Taliban are religious terrorists , they forbid girls to go to school.



    Malala went to the school that her father had founded.


    She learned that the Taliban had issued a death threat.

    A gunman shot her in head.

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    2 – Malala Yousafzai

     (Harvey Weinstein is accused of sexual harassment and rapes.

    Women have protested with the #Metoo hashtag.)


    In September 2008, she gave a speech about schools and the Taliban.

    She used a fake name because the Taliban wanted to kill her.

    She protested against the Taliban's discrimination on women worldwide.


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    Tuesday, September, (the) 26th.

    5 – I promise I will...

    Berryl is outgoing and really cheerful = happy.

    She loves working in a team.

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    4 – Can you tell us ...?


    Wh-    AUX   S      BV       comp

    What   are    you                like?

    What   do     you    like       doing on a Saturday?

    What   do     you    want     to do?

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