3- Are these movies worth seing?
    On the one hand, the movie is action-packed.
    On the other hand, the visual effects are unconvincing
    It isn't worth seeing the movie
                        spending your money on the film

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    The Incredibles will be released on 14/6/2018

                                  be + part.passé

    The main characters will be voiced 


    by Samuel L. Jackson and H. Hunter

                           comp. d'agent


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    2 – Trailers

    I haven't seen Shutter Island but I'd like to.

    Present perfect



    Shutter Island is a thriller, or a drama.

    It was released in February 2010.

    It was directed by Martin Scorsese.

    The leading roles were played by L. Di Caprio and Mark Ruffalo.

                                  BE + part. passé

    The French title is the same as the original one, it wasn't translated.

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    Wednesday, February 7th


     He shan't hide himself in the kitchen to eat.

    He isn't going to keep his resolutions because he's got new tricks / ideas.


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    Tuesday, February 6th


    He shall be better than last year: he shall improve his behaviour.

    he shan't invent excuses when his homework isn't done.

    He shall stop being silly when the teacher isn't looking.

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