• Wednesday 17th October

    2- A myth


    The document is a presentation of the LNM.

    Many people have seen the monster and have taken photos over the years.

                      Present perfect

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    Monday 15th October

     Haggis is the national dish and wisky is the national drink of Scotland

    The Scottish wear kilts and play the bagpipe.

    The most famous lake is the Loch Ness because there is a monster in it.

    In 1603, James VI of Scotland became James I of England.

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    Wednesday, October 10 th

    U2- The Loch Ness Monster

     1- Scotland

    It is located in the north of England.

    Edinburgh is the capital.

    The highlands are famous because they're gorgeous.


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  • Wednesday, October 3rd

    She promises to help everyone.

                            to create a welcoming atmisphere.

             Promise TO + BV


    She will make sure that they can work together.

    She will improve the relationships between the staff and the pupils.

           WILL +BV


    She wants to be a class rep.

            Want TO + BV


    She wants the pupils to vote for her.

    She wants     them     to vote for her

            Want     comp.    TO + BV

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    Tuesday, October 2nd


    5- I promise I will...


    The document is Beryl's programme

    Beryl is really cheerful, optimistic and stubborn.

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