Tuesday 11th June


    Black teens weren't allowed to swim in public pools.

    Old black men were forbidden to play checkers with old white men.


    3- The civil rights movement


    The butler is about a black man who works at the White House.

    It is based on a true story.



    2-Being colored in the 60s


    On buses, black people had to sit in the back and the whites had to sit in the front .


    The blacks weren't allowed in the same restaurants as the whites .


    Tuesday, 4th June


    The blacks and the whites used to live separetely.

    They were

             used to be separate doors.

    Black and white children used to go to different schools.

    The blacks didn't use to have a great education.

    He    could

         was allowed to    arrest black people.


    He wasn't allowed to arrest white people.




    Wednesday,May 22nd


    Afrikan Skies is disappointing.


    The story's been changed too much that's why he is disappointed.


    M.King and S.Scoot are in it.


  • Wednesday, May 15th


    4- Let's go to the movies


    African skies was a book written by Steve Winters.

    The film was based on it.

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