• 3-Fighting gender stereotypes

    They're supposed to like football

    They're expected to buy expensive things like bags & make-up.

    They're said to be stronger

    They're expected not to cry

                                not to get angry

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  • During puberty, girls' self-confidence drops.

    They feel humiliated, insulted, ashamed of themselves.

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    Actually, the document is a campaign for girls' self confidence.


                                                                  against sexist stereotypes.


    They want to show that girls are strong.

                     girls to feel strong.

                     « like a girl » to become a positive thing.



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    Girls are said to throw in a weak way

    Girls are said to fights in a silly way

    Girls are expected to be weak

    Young girls don't know the stereotype yet.

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  • 2-# Like a girl


    Perhaps they're shooting an ad or they're auditioning.

    The lady asks them to run like a girl. They do it in a ridiculous way.

    They feel embarrassed and silly.

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    She's taking 8 resolutions so she's ambitious.

    She's obsessed with her looks : she's self-conscious / complexed.

    In my opinion, she isn't going to stick to her resolutions because she's making a huge list.

    To me,


    Marge : or/nor









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