• She won't stick to her resolutions :

    She is going to fall in love with her boss anyway.

    She isn't going to stop smoking


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    She / will not /

            / won't / be paranoid about her weight

    She'll relax.

              develop inner poise.

    She won't fantasize about her bos.

    She won't fall in love with her boss.


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    The scene takes place in London at Christmas or at New Year's Eve.

    Bridget takes resolutions :

    She decides to turn the page and get a grip on her life.



    She will quit drinking alcohol.

    She'll quit smoking.

    She'll quit looking for new men.

    She'll stop thinking about men all the time.



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    2 - The trailer


    An alcoholic is someone who is addicted to alcohol.

    The film is about Bridget's love life. The characters are Bridget, Mark and her boss : Daniel.

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    U3: My resolutions

    1 - The movie poster


    The title is "Bridget Jones's Diary".

            ai                            ziz

    B.J is the main character. The films is a rom com.

    Perhaps the 2 men are in love with her.

    Perhaps she is torn between them.

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