Their social lives were completely separated.


    Black teens were forbidden to swim in public pools.

                       weren't allowed to


    3 – the Civil Rights Movement

    The Butler is film about the CRM.

    It is based on a true story.


    Thursday 4th June

    The blacks and the whites used to live separatly.

    There were

               used to be separate doors.


    Black and White children used to go to separate schools.

    The blacks didn't use to have beautiful restaurants.

    The blacks didn't use to go to the same theatre as the whites.


    He   couldn't                  join the white police.

            wasn't allowed to



    Friday, May 17th
    4-Let's go to the movies !
    The film was based on the book

                          adapted from the book.


    A lot of the best scenes were cut.
    The story has been changed too much, that's why he is disappointed.
    It's got M. King and S. Scott in it.



    Monday, May 13th

    Marie Curie was a scientist. She is the only women to ever receive 2 nobel prizes.


    Thursday, May 9th


    Planet of the Apes


    It' s a sci-fi movie with computer-generated, talking apes.

    The soundtrack is haunting, unforgettable, well-written.

                                                                        badly-written .

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