• Tuesday 19th March

    She attended a school that her father had founded.

                                                            PAST PERFECT

    Her father created a school then she went to it.


    Malala learned that the Taliban had issued a death threat against .

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    Monday 18th March


    The document is the biography of Malala Yousafzai ,

    She is a Pakistani activist for female education =

    She fights for girls' education.

    The Taliban are fundementalist Islamic people.

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  • Thursday, February 14th

    3-Fighting gender stereotype


    They are said to brush their hair all the time.

    They are expected to be strong.

                                   not to cry.

    They are expected not to be able to work.

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    They want girls to keep their self-confidence


    They want to change people's mind

    They want girls to feel strong

                      girls to like themselves

                      girls not to be ashamed of themselves.

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  • During puberty girls loose their self-confidence.

    They feel humiliated and insulted.

    Actually, the document is a campaign to support girls.

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